Friday 11 May 2012


No card from me today as I haven't got round to photographing the one I made yesterday but I thought I'd share a couple of photos of Alfie instead, he's a Springer Spaniel. We got him from our local animal rescue home in August last year when he was just 5 months old, he is such a cutie but does tend to be hyperactive, at least it keeps us fit with all the extra walking! Luckily Honey (our 12 year old lab cross) and him get on well and he has just about stopped chasing Tilly the cat.


Sandy said...

Oh he is a cutie dog.
So wonderful photos Andrea. I love them.

Have a sunny weekend my friend. xoxo

Desire Fourie said...

Love the doggies.
Doing Life

Crafting Queen said...

He is adorable. Poor Tilly. :)

Anonymous said...

HI Andrea

Only just seen the pics of Alfie.He is gorgeous !!Got your email will keep in touch I promise.Will put some pics on my blog ! Stella

Laura said...

Aw, the two of them snoozing together is just the sweetest photo!