Tuesday 20 May 2008

Not Much Blogging
from me at the moment, I seem to be busy prepping for classes etc. I haven't been blog hopping much either as my Internet stops working most evenings after about 7 so I can't do anything which is so annoying. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon and by next week things will return to normal - actually more likely the week after as the children are on holiday next week!!


Vicki May said...

like you I've not been blogging much. I wish I lived nearer I would love to come to a class. Good luck with the planning, and enjoy the holiday next week. We're decorating the kitchen. And of course extra rehearsal for the girls. Take care Vicki x

Sandy said...

Oh Andrea, a pity, but I, I hope you show us soon your beautiful works. Hugs.

My Paper World said...

Hope to see you soon! xx

Unknown said...

Thought it had gone quiet ... joke! These things happen babes - I wasn't participating properly for about 2 months up until recently. We all have to have lives too! Lol Lynn x

Paula J Atkinson said...

i know how you feel. I haven't blog hopped much either. I got into the habit of spending far too much time on the net during my own free time & not enough time creating. So I have cut back a lot.
Im creating two minibooks. One is a weekly project my mate does & I have only just been inspired to start so I've 12 weeks to do before wk 13 tomorrow. I am just too lazy to take photos. I am very busy at work doing two other peoples work & it leaves me whacked come home time!!!

Risa said...

Andrea have a beautiful holiday week and have a lot of fun with your classes! I'm sorry to hear about your internet issues, and that can really be annoying...*mad face*
Enjoy your holiday, we will miss you Andrea.
Take care